We are Atlantico Marketing, a progressive SEO agency based in East Sussex. We are experts at helping businesses such as yours get more sales and leads from the web.

If you are a business owner and you have ambitions to grow your business, then we can help you achieve that goal. if you are looking for an intelligent business partner who can breathe new life into your website and online sales then you have chosen the right partner.

Our Mission

What you get when you engage in working with us at Atlantico

The team here at Atlantico has had many years of experience working in the field of local SEO. We are a group of professional SEO strategists, and we have long experience of what it takes to make you successful online.

We ensure that we concentrate on the metrics that matter and the ones that can lead your business to attract more customers and gain more leads.

Your success means that we are doing what we should be doing – expanding your business and gaining you more business.

When we begin working with you to carve out your digital strategy, we always encompass the following elements:

We consider what digital estate you currently have, website, social media accounts, and all other forms of your online presence.

We examine what platforms and technology you are currently using, can they be
improved, and are there better ways of presenting your business.

We consider the possible digital channels that could provide more interaction and engagement with your users and enhance their online experience when dealing with your business.

Are there different groups of stakeholders that may find different ways of connecting with you and learning about your business?

Once we have carried out this analysis, we will then go on to create a digital roadmap, giving you a clear window into what the future digital marketing for your business will look like and how we are going to make it happen.

Our digital consultants will then work closely with you to make sure the plan and
roadmap are delivered in such a way that will drive real results for your business.

We are a results-driven organisation and believe implicitly that any digital strategy that we employ for you is fully understood and is tied into measurable metrics that can be communicated back to you.

If you are interested in developing your business online, then please contact us,
speak to Atlantico Marketing!

Our Story


Hello, my name is Maia Sautelet, and I’m the founder of Atlantico Marketing.


I founded my SEO agency to help small businesses win more customers. For a local business, local SEO matters! And this is what I focus on, I improve websites and GMB profiles to make sure the website is found easily on Google, and in Google Maps.


I’ve helped many local businesses, such as a Financial PA in Surrey, a Dentist in Chiswick, London, and an Interior Designer in Dulwich. 


I used to run a small business myself, I was busy fulfilling orders, liaising with suppliers, workers, doing admin, marketing, accounts etc..I certainly didn’t have time to work on my website and it wasn’t ranking well. Consequently, I wasn’t getting customers from it. I should have delegated this to a professional SEO specialist! But at the time, I didn’t understand what a worthwhile investment it would be.


If you want more customers to land on your website, contact me for a free consultation, we’ll take a look at your website and put together a plan to achieve your business goals.