Local SEO Services UK

As a local business, local SEO matters!!

Large multinational companies now spend over 48% of their marketing budgets on ensuring their online presence is at the forefront of every search.

As a local business, regardless of where you’re trading in the UK, you need to do the same – our local SEO services in the UK can help you achieve great results at a fraction of the cost. Let’s look at the evidence…


64% of local customers now use Google to find a local business like you.

50% of those making the search inquiry end up visiting the company the same day!

Therefore if you are bricks and mortar business with a storefront, you are potential for losing a large number of eyes on your business if you are not using local SEO.


93% of Google search results now display the ‘Maps Pack’. The top three results that are most relevant to the searched keyword, complete with map and business details.

We specialise in getting great Google Maps Pack results by optimising your GMB page and making sure you have consistent citations across the web. Google only shows search results that have relevance to the search term and geographic area. If your citations across the web are inconsistent, they will overlook you.

As a business owner, you want to appear wherever your customers are – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. In doing so, you are creating citations for your business.

This is fantastic because it’s improving your online presence; keep in mind while you create your accounts that all the contact information, Name, Address, and Phone Number must be precisely the same each time. This means, for example, if you choose to abbreviate your county/state to say Sux instead of Sussex, then it must remain abbreviated everywhere.

It sounds straightforward, but making sure your NAP (name, address, phone number) and hours are consistent across all of these properties, including your website, is very important.

Doing so will improve your citations, which will, in return, grow your business’ trust in the eyes of Google.

It would help if you also had the right targeted keywords and domain authority, we can help you with both of these.

More and more of your customers are using their mobile devices to find a restaurant or coffee shop on the go. 51% of searches are now done from mobile devices

Using our local SEO services UK, we make sure you are fully mobile responsive to ensure you don’t miss out on these increasing searches.

According to a recent piece of research by Bright Local, potential customers place a significant emphasis on third party reviews, which typically don’t appear on a website, and when they do are less trustworthy.

After reading reviews, your potential customers, instead of visiting your website, are instead making their decision based on those reviews.

Google knows and understands this fact, so collecting more positive reviews than your competition is essential to getting into the local search results and getting your phone to ring.

Additionally, a lack of reviews on Google and other crowd-sourced review websites like Facebook or Trip Advisor, or ignoring consumer reviews as a potential marketing opportunity means that your company is excluding a whopping 88% of the buying community!

Google also keeps track of what keywords are used in reviews for your business. Making sure those reviews include the keywords people are searching for when looking for your business will affect your placement in local search.

By using our local SEO services for your business in the UK, you will have done more optimisation than 90% of the websites on the internet!